So all of us may wonder can bearded dragons eat strawberries, as we know that the tastiest and most natural fruit is strawberry. So as a pet owner, you would love to give a treat to your lovely pets. After this, the best treatment for your pet is a strawberry party; so can bearded Dragons eat strawberries, or do you need to keep your breaded Dragon away from them at any cost? So let’s see the important information about Dragons and food by consulting with a vet so that you can decide with full confidence before giving strawberries to your bearded Dragon.

Strawberries Are the Nutritional Guide for Bearded Dragons.

Strawberries are a tasty treat for bearded dragons. So as we all know that the nutritional needs of bearded dragons are different and vastly to those of any human or other animals in the surrounding; they get a very painful illnesses such as metabolic bone diseases if there is a high amount of phosphorus or a low amount of calcium. So they always required a high amount of calcium and a low amount of phosphorus in their vet proves diet. After this, when you choose the food for your pet Bearded Dragon, it’s important that you always check the nutritional information of the food that you are going to feed them, and so getting the knowledge of it so that you can decide which one is a good fit for their nutritional needs or not. Such factors like this can affect dragon health if you give them too much or too less. After the factors are protein, sugar, sodium, and fats, so to avoid these things, you always need a good product. So here is some information about strawberries per 100g.

  • Water 90.95g
  • Energy 32 kcal.
  • Protein 0.67g.
  • Total lipid fat 0.3g
  • Fiber 2g.
  • Carbohydrates by difference 7.68g.
  • Potassium,k 153mg.
  • Magnesium,mg 0.386 mg.
  • Iron,Fe 0.41 mg
  • Vitamin c 58.8mg
  • Sodium,Na 1 mg.
  • Phosphorus, P 24 mg.
  • Calcium, Ca 16 mg.
  • Sugar 4.89 g
  • Fiber 2 g

So Can Bearded Dragons Eat Strawberry Leaves?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Strawberry Leaves

So you cannot offer the Strawberries leaves to the bearded Dragon. So the leaves look seem safe, but it’s not safe to eat for your pet and can make their stomach upset if ingested. After this, the small size of leaves and choking hazards. So you have to avoid feeding the left part to your bearded Dragon to get any illness.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Strawberry Seeds?

So you cannot feed strawberry seeds to the breaded Dragon. So if your pet consumes in large numbers of quantities, it may be harmful, it can cause digestive issues, and they are small in size. After this, the little tiny size strawberry seeds can make them a choking danger for your pets. After this, you need to avoid feeding seeds and parts of the plants to your bearded Dragon. So we can’t replace other food in your beardies’ diet, but strawberries are always known as an excellent treat for your pets. So you have to make sure that you always keep your diet in balance, which contains enough protein, vitamins, and minerals for optimal nutrition and health. Do we get the answer to the question, can bearded dragons eat strawberries? So the fresh food always gets spoilt quickly so you don’t need to leave it outside, so discard any that has been left out for more time. So you can feed your bearded pet dragon strawberries only occasionally.

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What’s the Reason That Bearded Dragons Can’t Eat Strawberries All the Time?

So bearded Dragons can eat strawberries only occasionally, so please don’t give them daily or don’t make them a regular part of their diet. So if you give your pet a high amount of strawberries, they can cause health issues like vitamin deficiencies, and if you feed it in the proper amount, they may provide vitamins and minerals to your pet dragon.

Are Strawberries Safe for Bearded Dragons to Eat?

Can bearded Dragons eat Strawberries. So yes, strawberries are safe for your pet Bearded Dragon, and it is also a healthy treat for him. After this, always make sure that you clean it properly, and then and then only you feed only a few small pieces to him to avoid any issues like digestion. So it would help if you did not give strawberry leaves to your bearded Dragon because they are toxic to your pet. Seed should also not be given to your pet because it causes some digestion issues due to its small size. So if you give strawberries in proper amounts in this diet, it will provide them with nutrients and minerals with proper care. They will enjoy it and love it.

Benefits and the Problem with Bearded Dragons and Strawberries.

Benefits and the Problem with Bearded Dragons

So as we all know that many human foods have advantages and disadvantages for your pet Bearded Dragon, but your bearded reptile dragon can get some of the nutritional benefits, but it’s not much more. So let’s see how we can,

Strawberries Are Rich in Vitamin C.

So, most of the efforts are made by vitamin c in the growth and development of breaded dragons. Their immunity system, reproduction system, and vision are strengthened by vitamin c.

Strawberries Contain Antioxidants.

So the antioxidant in strawberries helps to prevent damage to your pet’s Bearded dragon cells caused by radicals. After this, for instance, antioxidants can help avoid by turning away cancer and the other disease your Bearded pet dragon could get.

Strawberries Have a High Water Content.

So always giving a bowl of fresh water to them will always keep your bearded dragons hydrated. So we all know that strawberries have a High amount of water container. After this, your pet can receive so much moisture from them themselves. So as we know that it contains high water in it, so it may be a drawback to feed this fruit to your Bearded pet dragon as well, so we make them pets and take them with us. So bearded dragons are used to being dehydrated, so their main origin is wild Australia so if your pet gets more hydration, that can also cause dehydration and can also mess up with their digestion system and cause illnesses like diarrhea. Like this, there are many other different drawbacks of giving strawberries to your pet Bearded Dragon.

Strawberries Have Lots of Sugar.

So as we all know that too much sugar is always harmful, so it’s not good for humans as well as for your pets. So if you give your bearded Dragon more amount of strawberries means more amount of sugar, and it will be sure to add up in its body. An increase in the sugar level of Bearded Dragons can lead to some health issues. These are mentioned below, so let’s see,

  • Heart failure.
  • Liver disease.
  • Obesity.
  • Diabetes.
  • Tooth decay.
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Strawberries Contain Less Calcium and More Phosphorus.

As we know that calcium is more required than that phosphorus in the body of a Bearded Dragon. So in the Strawberries, the things are opposite. It contains more phosphorus than that calcium. So for the growth and development of bones, bearded dragons require more amount of calcium. If you go to your vet, I am sure he will say that your pet Bearded Dragon has not getting enough calcium, and he may give your pet some calcium supplements. So, phosphorus is the supplement that prevents calcium from being absorbed into the bearded dragon system. This increase in the number of phones in the body may have terrible results. So the lack of calcium in their body can develop metabolic bone diseases and which can cause their bones or may cause them a paralyzed.

Strawberries May Be a Choking Hazard.

So as we have come to know, strawberries can be a choking hazard. When you prepare this fruit for your Bearded Dragon, you have to make sure that you have to it into very small pieces. So as we know that the bearded Dragon grabs this food with the help of its tongue, and he also has teeth. So you know that your pet Bearded Dragon can easily grab their food, but you have to keep it very safe in its mouth. After this, we all know that strawberries are a slippery food it can also be shown in the mouth. If your Bearded pet dragon swallows the pieces accidentally, so you have to make sure that you cut them into very small pieces. So that if they swallow also, it may go down in the stomach on its own.

How Often Can Bearded Dragon Have Strawberries?

How Often Can Bearded Dragon Have Strawberries?

So we know the advantages and disadvantages of feeding strawberries to your pet. Bearded Dragon. So you can feed your Bearded Dragon strawberries only ones in a month. After consulting with your vet, you can provide them with strawberries once or twice a week or as required. So you can feed pieces of the Strawberries to your breaded Dragon instead of giving whole fruit to them. After this, the number of strawberries that should be given can be decided by your vet on the amount of this diet and other vegetables and fruits that you are feeding to your breaded Dragon on the basis of daily. All over, your vet will decide all of the diets of your breaded Dragon and the number of strawberries that should be given to him.

Way to Prepare Bearded Dragon Strawberries.

Can a Bearded Dragon eat strawberries? So we can say that it all depends on the tasty of your bearded Dragon. So the fruit is safe for the breaded Dragon but in small amounts, but your pet should like to eat that fruit. After this, with the advice of your vet, you can see that your pet breaded dragon will enjoy strawberries atleast once a week. So to prepare the Strawberries for your breaded Dragon, you need to go to the store and buy some organic or chemical-free strawberries. So make sure that the Strawberries are without any pesticides and are only organic. You can also grow Strawberries at home on your farm or garden on your own to feed your Bearded Dragon.

So there, no matter whether you get your strawberries by store or at home so, firstly, make sure that you clean the Strawberries in the water properly. After this, remove it and see all the dirt and if any parasites are removed. So now you need to cut the Strawberries into little pieces. Make sure you put more seeds and leaves aside because it may cause digestive system issues. So the small pieces of strawberries will help your breaded Dragon to grab it with the help of its tongue and eat it easily. You can give a small number of strawberries to your Bearded Dragon as a snack or a meal, but it should be mentioned in this diet plan. So it would help if you avoided seeds and leaves so that they may not cause many issues to this health.

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Is It Important to Know What My Bearded Dragon Can Eat?

So there are specific dietary requirements for the bearded Dragon, like other creatures. After this, we have to feed them the proper amount of protein, fats, and carbs to keep them healthy for themselves. So they also required a proper amount of vitamins and minerals. Different supplements can always get the best nutrients from actual and natural food. So it is very important to know the proper food to give them. So that they may get proper nutrition and minerals from it and They may stay healthy without any illness.

Which Other Fruits Can We Feed a Breaded Dragon?

So as we all know that fruit contains lots of minerals and vitamins in it, and we cannot get them from other sources of food. So it is a very important part of the bearded dragon diet plan. The main drawback of fruit is that it contains more account of sugar or water in it which may be harmful to your pet Bearded Dragon. So in the diet plan of breaded Dragon, it is mentioned that only 10-15 percent of fruit should be given to them. So here are some different fruits that you can offer or give to your pet Bearded Dragon which are as follows,

  • Apple
  • Pear.
  • Watermelon
  • Grapes
  • Blueberry
  • Blackberry.

What Vegetables Can Bearded Dragons Can Eat?

So the important nest element of the diet of the Bearded Dragon is vegetables. Giving vegetables a large portion of their diet keep them healthy. Now you can give much different food to your Bearded Dragon to get as much more amount of nutrition as possible as it is. So here is the veg that you can give them lettuce, watercress, kale, broccoli, and bell pepper. So here is another veg that you should not feed your Bearded Dragon iceberg lettuce, and it contains almost only pure water and has no nutritional value for your pet.

Which Insects Can Bearded Dragons Eat?

So in the diet of the Bearded Dragon, the insects have more demand. We know that bearded Dragon loves to eat insects, and they have proven it with exercise as they Pursue the insect around their enclosure. There are two most common insects that are fed to bearded dragons are crickets and dubia roaches. You can offer them different insects as possible you can to your pet Bearded Dragon to improve the taste. So other insects that you can give them are mealworms, super worms, silkworms, and hornworms. So when you feed your Bearded Dragon, mealworms are often the go-to food items. Mealworms are not very nutritious. So if we compare the hornworm and mealworm, the hornworm contains ten times more protein than the mealworm.

So, Is There Any Risk of Feeding Strawberries to a Bearded Dragon?

So generally, there is no risk in feeding strawberries until you feed them in large amounts. There is sugar in the high amount of it, so it may be risky if you feed him excess strawberries. If you feed him, little of it may not harm him. So strawberries contain a high amount of vitamins and minerals, but it comes with a risk. Follow the instructions mentioned by your vet to you While feeding strawberries to Bearded Dragon. So can a Bearded Dragon can eat strawberries?

Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Bearded Dragon.

You can feed many different fruits and different veggies for a healthy diet. They should be offered in the proper amount as mentioned in their diet. So you need to know that insects and vegetables are unsafe for your Bearded Dragon. Some of them are mentioned below

  • Avocado
  • Beets
  • Lettuce
  • Rhubarb
  • Fireflies
  • Box elder bugs
  • Wasps
  • Ladybug.


The question that comes to mind is can Bearded Dragon eat strawberries? So the answer we got is yes, they can eat strawberries. Here above, we have mentioned the number of strawberries and the nutrition that they get. So you can follow the above thing mentioned without keeping your Bearded Dragon life in any danger. So now it will be on your pet Bearded Dragon whether they enjoy or not the taste of strawberries. can bearded dragons eat strawberries

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