We all love pets. Especially the lets with small size and full of fur on their body. We are talking about a similar pet, which is a Syrian Hamsters. These are small in size and have fur on their body. And that is why they look cute. So people love to pet Hamsters because of their cuteness. In this journey, we will learn about the Syrian Hamsters, Syrian hamster lifespan, Syrian hamster colors available, long-haired Syrian hamsters, and how long a Syrian hamster lives. To learn more about Syrian hamsters, read the points below;

Syrian Hamsters

Why Syrian Hamsters Are Popular Pets?

Various reasons come for their popularity in families. The first reason is their cuteness with furry bodies. So people get attracted to them. The next reason is they live just for 3 to 4 years. So there is less time for commitment. People love pets that require less time to take care of. Next Syrian hamsters require half an hour daily to groom. So no more efforts are needed to take care of them. That is why people prefer petting Syrian hamsters. Syrian Hamsters look like teddy bears, so people love them to pet. So we will go through their features and specifications below;

What Is the Origin of Syrian Hamsters?

Syrian hamsters are from Syria. They were found in the year 1930. From then they are kept as pets by families. Syrian hamsters look like teddy bears and are also known as golden teddy bear hamsters. Their golden fir makes them look like a golden teddy bear. That is why people gave their name as Golden Hamster. You can also find them in the Middle East part of Israel. These pets are growing in large quantities for petting. As they come from Syria so we call them Syrian hamsters. We will get to know in detail about them in the points below;

Syrian Hamsters Available in Different Colors and Looks:-

As specific, they are found in golden color. But by breeding them, they are available in various colors. You can find them in white, grey, and brown colors. Then talking about their body, they are fluffy and stout. They have a stocky body. Also, they have a small tail, which is not visible due to their fur.

Body Specifications of Syrian Hamsters:

  • Their weight is 5 to 7 ounces, 120 to 160 grams.
  • Syrian hamsters become 12 to 17 cm, 5 to 7 inches in size as they grow. You can carry it easily in your hands.
  • The special thing is that their ears and jawbone are dark brown, except for other body parts.
  • Syrian hamsters have soft bodies with very soft cheeks. They store food in those cheeks. So they are known as cheek pouches.
  • They have big eyes and small ears. Their ears are covered with fur.

These are the specifications of Syrian hamsters.

What Are the Qualities of Syrian Hamsters as a Pet?

Syrian hamsters are the most popular pets for many families. People love Syrian hamsters as a pet due to their furry nature. The nature of the Syrian hamster is very calm and easy to manage and handle. If you want to train them, they will be trained easily. And they are slow-paced in nature. So it is very easy to train a Syrian hamster. Every person of every age can have a Syrian hamster as a pet. As it is small and calm, it becomes easy for everyone to handle it like a pet and take care of it. These pets are playful at night, which means they are nocturnal. They like to sleep during the day and play at night. They will play around you in the house if you leave them free. You can have more than one hamster in your house, making it easy for them to play. There is a wheel that hamsters like to run. Syrian hamsters run on that wheel to exercise and maintain their body. This is why you can pet Syrian hamsters.

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Syrian Hamster Lifespan:

Syrian Hamster Lifespan

As we have seen before, the lifespan of a Syrian hamster is near about 3 to 4 years. People prefer to pet Syrian hamsters because of their short lifespan. Before the adoption of Syrian hamsters, the family goes under a test. In this test, we find whether they are ready for the commitment of 3 to 4 years only. Some love animals, so they become more emotional. That is why they confirm the commitment of families. As Syrian hamsters are small and bred, their lifespan is small. So they are very comfortable for people with short-duration petting commitments.

What Factors Influence the Syrian Hamster’s Lifespan?

The following are the factors that will affect and influence the lifespan of Syrian hamsters;

  • Their sickness: If they become sick, they may die early. So keeping them healthy is the family’s choice and responsibility.
  • Their diet and nutrition: Another factor that matters in their lifespan is their diet and nutrition. They require a proper diet and nutrition. If there is a problem with their nutrition and proper diet, then Syrian hamsters‘ lifespan may affect.
  • Exercise they do: Another factor is exercise. If they do not run through the wheel, then their body may affect. Exercise is very much important for Syrian hamsters.
  • The environment they live in If the housing environment is not proper and suitable for them, then their lifespan may affect. So try to keep it healthy and free.
  • Genetics: Another factor is genetics. Sometimes it comes from their previous genes. Their lifespan may affect due to previous genes of their ancestors.
  • Free and happy environment: This is the main factor that may affect the Syrian hamster’s lifespan. It is rarely seen that a hamster lives for 6 to 7 years. But it requires all conditions to be satisfied.

Types of Long-Haired Syrian Hamsters:

As we have seen before, Syrian hamsters have long hair and fur. That makes them a teddy bear or golden teddy bear hamster. Naturally, animals have short hair so that they can manage everything. But by breeding them and using breeding techniques, they are developed as long-haired, short-haired, stain and rex. These Syrian hamsters are also known as Angora hamsters. Female hamsters, they have fur, not long hairs. And male Syrian hamsters have long hair. These long hair require more grooming and attention. Long hair can get Tangled easily, so giving proper attention is necessary. You get small combs for Syrian hamsters. You will be able to detangle their hair easily. Following are the types of long-haired Syrian hamsters;

Satin Syrian Hamsters:

The first one is the satin Syrian hamsters. These are also long-haired Syrian hamsters. These hamsters are very shiny and soft. They are very beautiful and fluffy. It is bred with a glossy sheen coat on its body. And this coat provides a shiny look to them. Managing their glossy hair is much more difficult if not taken care of on time.

Rex Syrian Hamsters:

Another long-haired Syrian hamster is rex Syrian hamster. It is also a bred hamster. They are new in North America. And they are common in Europe. Talking about their long hair, they have crimping and curly type of hair. Even their hair is wavy. But their hair is dense but short. Because of their breeding, they have short and dense hair. Normal ones are different, and Rex is different. But still, find it hard to recognize them.

Types of Coat Colors of Syrian Hamsters:

As breeding takes place, Syrian hamsters can be in any color. But they are specifically in golden color. We will see different Syrian hamsters with different color coats;

Black Syrian Hamster:

You can find Syrian hamsters in black color. Syrian hamsters with black color are not black. They have white patches too. They are bred with a black coat. So they appear black with white spots or patches on their belly and toes.

Cream Syrian Hamsters:

Another color you can find in Syrian hamsters is cream color. This is the common type of color coat in Syrian hamsters. We can also say they are orange or in Sandy color. Their category is based on the eye color of Syrian Hamsters. If the hamster has red eyes, then it has flesh color eats. And if the hamster has black eyes, they have dark grey ears. But they are cream in color. So these are the common Syrian hamsters found in maximum families as a pet.

Beige Color Coat Syrian Hamsters:

Another color coat you can find is beige color. These colored Syrian hamsters are rare. They do not breed these color-coat hamsters in more quantity. According to his rare feature, beige Syrian hamsters are smaller when they are small and have kinked tails. This is why beige color Syrian hamsters are rare in color and features.

Sable Color Syrian Hamsters:

Other hamsters you can find are Sable color Syrian hamsters. In 1975 they saw. They were called black Syrian hamsters. But actually, they are Sable colored Syrian hamsters. This hamster has a black coat from the outside and a cream coat from the inner side of the hair. This is why it is called the Sable color Syrian hamster. It has black eyes, dark grey ears and a black color belly. His eyes are covered in ivory cream color.

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These are the different Syrian hamsters available in different color coats.

Where Do Syrian Hamsters Live, and Their Cages?

As we know, Syrian hamsters are pet animals. People keep them in various types of cages as they are territorial. They like to live on the ground. Each Syrian hamster lives in a single cage. In one cage, one hamster lives. They do not live in the group in a cage because they can fight with each other. Their cage is very different according to their size. They love to be alone and calm. So they do not tolerate other Syrian or other hamsters in their cage. And if you still keep them together, that will create stress between them. So it is preferred to keep them in separate cages. This is how Syrian hamsters like to live.

How Should Be the Cages of Syrian Hamsters?

Cages of Syrian Hamsters

Syrian hamsters are calm and single-living animals. They love to live single in the cage. According to the study, they need a larger cage to live. According to that, the cage must be 360 square inches from the floor. The dimensions of the cage must be 30×12 inches. There must be space of two cubic feet which can be 55 liters. If you have a bar type of cage, then the distance between two bars must be not more than 1cm. According to the study, Syrian hamsters require large size cages. You can purchase the cages from online shopping sites. Select a cage that has enough space to keep the food bowl and water bowl of your hamster. Then the cages made up of stainless steel and ceramic are preferable. And this is because these materials cannot be chewed by hamsters. Check whether the cage is for an adult hamster or a dwarf hamster. Sometimes you can find your hamster chewing the bars. This happens when the space is very small, or they need toys.

How Can I Care for My Syrian Teddy Bear Hamster?

Taking care of them is an important part of their daily life. Hamsters do not require much effort. Training them properly can make your work easy. Below are the steps to take care of your hamster;

  • The first step is to let your hamster get known to the place. Keep your hamster without handling him.
  • Secondly, you can begin communication with your hamster. Try to take your hands near the cage. Do not put your hand directly in the cage or on your hamster.
  • Nextly, start putting your hand slowly to communicate with the hamster and touch it very lightly or gently.
  • Then start taking the hamster in your hands without any hurry or rush.
  • To make the hamster more friendly, you can play with him daily. This will reduce the space between you and the hamster.
  • While taming your hamster, do not wake him up from sleep. Let his sleep complete. If you do that, it will create a negative effect on him. So be aware.
  • You have to take care of his cage cleaning daily. Change his sleeping cloth and change his water bowl weekly.
  • Bring some toys like balls that you especially get for Syrian hamsters.

Toys That Syrian Hamsters Love to Play With:-

There are some specific toys that hamsters love to play. Some toys are tubes, wheels, etc. Syrian hamsters require more toys to play with. They get bored easily playing with a single toy. You can include toys like toilet roll tubes, cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, etc. Hamsters love chewing toys. Their teeth size is maintained, and their size always grows, so they need toys. Even the study suggests keeping wood in the cage of Syrian Hamsters. With the wheel, they require toys with variety. Instead of giving them home toys, bring specific hamster toys. Those toys are specifically made for hamsters. So we prefer that option. The best option is a wooden ladder bridge. That will be the best toy for a hamster. Hamsters can easily chew the wooden ladder bridge and will not be harmed.

Keep a Hamster Wheel Inside the Cage of a Syrian Hamster:-

You have to keep a wheel of a hamster in the cage. They require exercise with other things too. A cage is important to let them know they are fetching the food. And this will keep them healthy. That is why the wheel is very important in Syrian hamsters‘ cages.

How Should Be the Hamster Wheel?

Following are the points you must take care of while getting a hamster wheel;

The Wheel Should Be Large;

The wheel should be large enough, so that hamster can run and fit into the wheel. The wheel size should be about 8 inches.

Buy a Plastic Hamster Wheel;

Try to buy a wheel of plastic. That will be safe for your hamster. The wheel with steel material or metal can hurt your hamster. So to keep them safe, select a plastic hamster wheel. Some metallic wheels have sharp edges that can hurt hamsters. The plastic one will not be joint. So that will be safe for your Syrian hamster.

The Best Toys for Syrian Hamsters That Are Available on Amazon:-

Following are the best toys for hamsters that are available on Amazon;

  • Niteangel natural wooden hamster mouse tunnel tube toy forest hollow tree trunk.
  • Niteangel wooden ladder bridge, hamster mouse rat Rodents toy, small animal chew toy.
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What Is the Best Food and Diet for Syrian Hamsters?

Diet for Syrian Hamsters

Syrian hamsters are small-tailed pet animals. Their diet is a very important part. They like to eat meat, seeds and plants. They are Omniverse animals. In the market, different types of foods are available for hamsters. There are specifically two types of foods those are pelleted hamster food and seed hamster food. These two foods contain nuts, seeds and grains in it, which makes them a healthy food for Syrian hamsters. The diet of the Hamster must contain 15 percent of protein and 6 percent of fat. The following are the best foods that you can give to your hamsters;

Oxbow and Gerbils Hamster Foods:

These two foods are full of vitamins. This is the complete balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Oxbows and Gerbils give energy to your hamster. And even they play an important role in developing the immune system. It contains prebiotics and antioxidants. Oxbo essential hamster and Gerbils food is the best available option on Amazon.

Seed Food for Syrian Hamsters:-

This is the traditional type of food for hamsters. It has a mixture of various seeds. Previously people used to give these seeds to hamsters. But hamsters used to become picky in selecting their favorite seeds. So proper nutrition was not provided by seeds. Other nutrients are also essential for their proper growth.

Treats That Syrian Hamsters Love:-

Sometimes you must give treats to your Syrian hamsters. Giving treats can improve their diet and energy. Some treats are the best option for Syrian hamsters. But Syrian hamsters also love to have their favorite treats. Following are the green veggie treats that hamsters love;

  • Cabbage
  • Green spinach
  • Carrots
  • Banana

These are the treats that you must give your hamsters twice a week. But treats like citrus fruits are not good for hamsters. So avoid giving oranges or sour fruits to hamsters.

What If My Syrian Hamster Gets Pregnant?

Syrian hamster babies can be a good option to get connected more with hamsters. But due to some reasons, it is not suggested by American human society. They say that;

  • Syrian hamsters eat their babies when they are born.
  • At a time, a Syrian hamster female can have 7 to 8 baby hamsters. So it won’t be easy to handle and keep them in one place. So it would help if you found it immediately.
  • New homes for them.
  • Institutions like Petco do not take small animals.

If you still have Syrian hamster babies, follow the points below;

  • You can take care of the hamster’s mother if she is pregnant. Feed her food with more calories and protein.
  • Then keep the cage space free without having any toys in it.
  • Please stay away from the cage till it gives birth to babies. If we go near babies, their bodies will get our smell. And mother hamsters will not accept those babies.
  • Keep watch whether there is ample food and water in the cage.
  • If labour starts, it will continue for 1 to 2 hours. So keep watch in between the labours without going near the cage.
  • Even you must stay away from the cage for two weeks so that mother will accept the babies.

This is all you have to take care of when the Syrian hamster gets pregnant.

How Can I Adopt Syrian Hamsters?

They are the way to adopt from a pet house. Their cost is about 5 to 20 dollars. They are cheap to buy. It is a good option to adopt a hamster. Adopting a Syrian hamster is a better option. They need a better shelter instead of a pet store. Before adopting the Syrian hamster check the documents and whether they are good in health.

What Are the Facts About Syrian Hamsters?

  • As Syrian hamsters are from Syria, which is a hot desert area.
  • The hamsters live in the burrows underground due to the climate.
  • They can dig up to 11 yards deep in the ground.
  • Like humans, they also have different rooms for their different purpose. They have separate rooms for food, living, and urination.
  • These types of burrows can keep them safe from hot climates, cold climates, and other animals too.
  • They go into the hibernation phase when the climate goes cold at night.
  • Syrian hamsters can live in temperature that is 60 to 78 degree Fahrenheit which is 15 to 25 degree Celsius.
  • And after the temperature drops, the hamsters can go into their hibernation.

Teeth-Related Facts About Syrian Hamsters:

As their teeth are in a continuous growing phase every time. So they require something to chew. So they always find something to chew. So that they can maintain their teeth length. And even if they are from a rodent family, they grow teeth. So we suggest keeping toys like wooden ladder bridges for gnawing. They will chew it to maintain the size of their teeth.

What Is the Difference Between Syrian Hamsters and Dwarf Hamsters?

  • They both are different in size from each other.
  • Dwarf hamsters are less in color, while Syrian hamsters are available in various colors.
  • Syrian hamsters love to live alone, but dwarf hamsters can live with other Hamsters of the same sex.
  • Dwarf hamsters require proper care and daily checkup, but Syrian hamsters do not require any special care.

How to Handle a Syrian Hamster?

As they are small in size and calm, they are easy to handle. They need low maintenance to take care of them. They need to be tamed before handling them. You have to handle them in your hands gently. Please do not use your rough hands to pick them up. They are active at night and sleepy during the day. So while they are sleeping, please do not disturb them.


How Do I Get to Know the Mood of My Syrian Hamster?

Ans: They are happy after waking up from sleep. If you disturb them, they will become rude and unhappy. If they stretch their body and burrow in the bed, they are happy.

Can I Handle My Syrian Hamsters in Hand Every Time?

Ans: Yes. They like to be cuddled. But not very roughly. Keep them softly in your hands. They will easily come into your hand after a week of taming.

What If My Syrian Hamster Bites?

Ans: Clean that area immediately with soap and water. Then you can show it to the doctor.

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