We must be aware of every activity of our pet animals. Every pet owner must be aware of his/her pet’s physical, emotional, and mental conditions. The same is true with the Hamster owners. They must know when is the hibernation period of the hamster and when he is dead. The hamsters hibernate when there is less stock of food. The second reason is when it is cold outside. The temperature and the food factor are the reasons for the hibernation of hamsters. Whether a hamster is a pet or leaves in the wild areas, they hibernate. To check whether your hamster is hibernating and not dead, go through the information below;

Hibernating Phase of Hamster:-

Hibernating Phase of Hamster

Some of you might not know if hamsters hibernate or not. Actually, the hamsters living in cold temperatures and less food hibernate. And we know these are the two reasons why hamsters hibernate. There are two types of hibernation in hamsters. The first stage is obligate hibernators. In these hibernators, they hibernate for a year, that is, annually. The hamsters hibernate annually according to the temperature and food. Next are the permissive hibernators. These permissive hibernators are also known as facultative hibernators. This type of hibernation is done by hamsters when they are stressed. The stress is due to cold temperatures and low availability of food. The obligate hibernators are black bears, ground squirrels, and European hedgehogs. And the permissive hibernators are Syrian hamsters.

When Is the Hibernation Period of Hamsters?

That is a specific period when hamsters hibernate. And that specific period is when there is no food supply and cold temperatures. It is observed that hamsters hibernate when the temperature decreases to 15° c. The temperature below 15° c can make hibernation faster and cause hypothermia in Hamsters. So you might feel that they are dead. Before concluding that they are dead, check their activities. This is what the hibernation period of hamsters is.

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How to Check Whether the Hamster Is Hibernating and Not Dead?

Hamster Is Hibernating and Not Dead

There are four signs using which you can check whether the hamster is in hibernation and not dead. So below are the four signs that will help you to predict that the hamsters are hibernating and not dead;

Breathing of Hamster While Hibernation:-

There are some breathing signs while the hamster is hibernating. As the hamster goes into hibernation, its breathing also decreases. So you may not feel their breathing during hibernation. You can look towards their chest and predict whether they are breathing. In hibernation, their chest rises while breathing.

Movements of Hamster While Hibernation:-

While hibernation hamsters twitch, they are paws. You have to observe very closely because they make occasional twitching and jerking moments. You can gently touch their paws to check whether they twitch. This is how you can get the movements of hamsters during hibernation.

Limp Body of Hamster While Hibernating:-

When hamsters hibernate, we feel that they are dead. And when we pick them up, you will feel their body limp. If the hamster dies, you will feel the body hard and stiff. But if the hamster is hibernating, you will feel his body like a limp. And when a hamster dies, rigor mortis occurs on their body. When you don’t find rigor mortis on their body, they are in hibernating phase. This is how you can check whether the hamster is in hibernation and not dead.

Body Temperature of Hamster While Hibernation:-

Another sign is the body temperature of a hamster who is on hibernation. As we know, after death, the body becomes cold. And when a hamster is on hibernation, their body is warm. You can touch your hamster and feel your body warm. Which means that your hamster is in the hibernation period. In this way, you can check whether the hamster is in hibernation and not dead.

Hibernation Time of Hamsters:-

Hibernation Time of Hamsters

The question might come to your mind: how long do they hibernate?

According to the temperature and availability of food, the hamsters hibernate. Usually, when they are out, they hibernate for 3 days. And if the temperature of their surrounding continuously decreases, they hibernate for at least a week or more. If you are the hamster’s owner, you must wake him up from the herbination period before 24 hours. You can use a torpor for your hamster’s hibernation period. Awake your hamster before 24 hours and feed them. Torpor can make hamsters warm in the hibernation period. This will keep the hamster warm.

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Caretaking of Hamsters While They Hibernate:-

Caretaking of Hamsters While They Hibernate

When your hamster is hibernating, you can take care of them. We will tell you how to take care of hamsters when they are hibernating. You have to wake up the hamster from hibernating. And for that, you can grab him towards your body. And your body will give him warmth, which will help him to wake up early. Grab him against your body for 20 to 30 minutes. You can also use a heating device or water bottle. For that, take some hot water in a bottle and cover it with a towel. Then, keep the hamster on the towel. This will make him feel warmer. Make sure you don’t use boiling water and avoid direct contact with the more heat.

We know that heating devices are very dangerous. But you can use a cloth to cover it and then place the hamster on it. Using a heating device at 30° c will be fine.

What Is Hypothermia and Hibernating?

There is a difference between hypothermia and hibernation. We will see the difference between hibernation and hypothermia. Hibernation is when the hamster sleeps when there is a fall in temperature and a low food supply. Hypothermia is the condition when the temperature falls tremendously. When the body temperature of the hamster decreases, the hypothermia condition occurs. This is a dangerous condition for your hamster. Hypothermia occurs when your hamster stays in a cold area for more than 24 hours. And this condition can be dangerous for your hamster. So, this is what hypothermia in hamsters means.

How to Prevent Hypothermia in Hamsters While Hibernating?

 Hypothermia in Hamsters

There is a way by which you can prevent hypothermia in your hamsters during their hibernation. Hypothermia is a dangerous condition for your hamster. Then you know that your hamster is in the hibernating phase, so you can prepare his room warmer. Also, you can prepare his sleeping area to be warm. You can also use a heater or heating device where your hamster lives.

Make sure that you keep the heaters away from the cage of your hamsters. Overheating of hamsters can be dangerous. You can use a type of bedding for your hamster when it gets colder. Another reason for hibernating is food and water. Lack of water and food in hamsters can cause them to hibernate. So make sure you feed them properly. In the colder days, you can feed them sunflower seeds or peanuts. In their diet, you can include healthy fats and some treats.

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This is how you can prevent hypothermia in hamsters during the hibernating period.

Which Are the Heating Devices for Hamsters in the Hibernating Phase?

There are various heating devices that are helpful for hamsters in the hibernating phase. Some of those devices are heating pads, heating mats, etc. Heating pads and heating mats are available in online stores and nearby pet stores. These heating pads and mats are specially designed for the cages of reptiles. So you can purchase them for your hamsters.

Before inserting the heating device near the cage of your hamster, keep in mind that the heating device must not be in direct contact with your hamster. It should be away from the direct contact of your hamster. Always keep a towel on the heating devices. The heating devices are user-friendly. But while operating the heating devices, maintain the temperature of the devices.

Do not increase the temperature of your device. Keep it low according to the atmosphere. This is how you can maintain the temperature of your hamster in hibernating phase.

What Is Hamster Body Temperature Monitoring?

Hamster Body Temperature Monitoring

This is the monitoring technique of the body temperature of the hamster. This technique is used when the hamster goes into hibernating phase. You can monitor the temperature of the room where the hamster stays. The technique will make you aware of the temperature where Hamster lives. Due to that, you will be able to predict whether the hamster is going into the Hibernating phase and hypothermia situation. So, using the monitoring technique, you can save your hamster. The temperature of the room must be controlled and normal for the Hamster. The tool to monitor temperature is a thermometer. You can use it to monitor the temperature of the room where the hamster lives. Monitoring of temperature can save hamsters from hypothermia. And this is how the monitoring technique works.

Q. Do Hamster hibernate?

Ans. Yes, Hamsters hibernate.

Q. Why do Hamster hibernate?

Ans. As we have discussed above, they hibernate when the temperature decreases and when there is a lack of food supply. That is why hamsters hibernate.

Q. How can I predict that a hamster is hibernating and not dead?

Ans. There are signs to check whether hamsters are hibernating and not dead. Those signs are movements, breathing, limp body, etc. If you see these signs, then the hamster is hibernating.

Q. Which temperature can take a hamster into hibernation?

Ans. A temperature below 65 degrees Fahrenheit can make a hamster hibernate. And if the temperature decreases more, then they can cause hypothermia. For that, wake up your hamster by making it warm. Use your body or heating devices. But be cautious while using heating devices.

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