In this topic, you are going to know how long do bearded dragons live? So, the Agamidae family member is a bearded dragon which is an Australian lizard. You will be surprised to know that these Lizards are kept as a pet, and there are seven species of these reptiles. Most people make their pets there are lizards in some regions, which is popular of it.

They are bearded dragons from the central or inland region and the other bearded dragon from the eastern region. The color of the bearded dragon is yellow or beige. So as we know that these lizards don’t have a real beard. So when they fill afraid, they turn their skin into their throats and turn like a beard. The behavior of the bearded dragon is curious, calm, and laid back. So let us know more about the bearded dragon. So let’s go,

About How Long Do Bearded Dragons Live?

Firstly it belongs to the family Agamidae. So a bearded dragon full grown is 16-24in long, and the weight is 0.8-1.1 lb. So They turn into full size when they are sexually mature. After 8-18 months between they reach sexual maturity, so in some species, it may vary. So as they become mature, they have become six months old. The sexual variation amongst bearded dragons becomes evident. After this, the femoral pores, bigger head, wider tails, and darker beard are larger in the male. Females have smaller tails and thinner skulls.

Average Lifespan of the Bearded Dragon.

Average Lifespan of the Bearded Dragon.

So the various factors that include the average lifespan of bearded are age, health, and lifestyle. So the different species of Bearded dragon has different kind of lifespan. The comparison between the wild and captivity is correlated to habitat.

Bearded Dragons Live in the Wild.

Due to food scarcity and predators, as they get it naturally, the life of wild beardies is typically shorter. The life span of wild beardies dragons is average in this habitat is almost 3 to 8 years. So the beardies spend there most of their time hunting and avoiding becoming quarries, so they have less time to laze. So an excess of 24 hours without sunlight can create health issues. After this, if the wild beardies feel some danger and if they remain hidden for a long time, then they are likely to absent heat and, worse, die. This was all about wild beardies dragon.

Bearded Dragons Live as Pets.

So the captivity of bearded dragons has a much good lifestyle than that of wild beardies dragons. After this, the maximum lifespan of a bearded pet dragon is 15 years. So the average Know lifespan of a bearded dragon is 8 to 15 years. After this, if your have their lifespan should increase, you need to give them a happy life, and you must try to take good care of them. So the things that are recommended by a vet are to have the proper source of UVB lights, some external heat source, and a balanced, healthy diet. You need to visit regularly to your vet for crucial to detect any parasitic infection or disease before they inflict havoc on your adult or baby bearded dragon.

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What Are the Things That Influence the Bearded Dragon’s Lifespan?

So many things influence the lifespan of the bearded dragon. So if you want that your dragon lives for longer life, the truth is that the factors influence its lifespan. So some factors are controllable, and some factors are not controllable. After this, here are some factors that influence beardies’ lives.

Stress Level.

 So as we all know, the increase in stress levels can negatively affect your health, and so sometimes we need to get hospitalized due to it. So here, your pet reptiles are susceptible to chronic stress and are cannot able to talk about it. After this, it all depends on the pet owners that to read the signal and observe their pet dragon. So some of the signs that show an anxious in the dragon are mentioned below,

  • Aggressiveness.
  • Glass surfing.
  • Lethargy/Sluggishness.
  • Panting
  • Abnormal behavior.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • These are some signs of stress in your pet dragon.

Diet of Bearded Dragon.

As we know that no one on the earth can survive without food. So in the case of your bearded pet dragon, they are not very careful when they are eating. So you have a range of food items that you can feed to your dragon without any worry. So two things you should not feed your Bearded pet dragon are vegetables and insects. So 80% insects and 20% greens are included in the bearded baby dragon balanced diet. So 80% leafy green and 20% insects are included in an adult dragon-balanced diet. After this, more protein to enhance their bone health and development is required for baby dragons than for adult dragons, so there is a much more difference in their diet.

The General Health of the Beardie Dragon.

So to maintain their quality life and healthy lifestyle, it is only on the owner of Bearded Dragon. Acting fast on your pet’s health is always better than any delay. So you should know the different illnesses your beardies open to and avoid the preventable ones through proper care. Where are some health issues that your human associate can suffer include are mentioned below,

  • Infectious stomatitis.
  • Metabolic bone diseases.
  • Lack of appetite.
  • Internal parasites.
  • Respiratory infection.
  • External parasites.
  • Bacterial infections.

So these are some illnesses that need the proper care of the vent. So it would help if you visited your vent annually or monthly for a check-up of your pet dragon.

Habitat of the Dragon.

So here, pogona vitticeps subspecies are foreign creatures dominant in the dry region, and you need to recreate these environmental conditions for them. For the setup for pogona vitticeps, there must include a 40-gallon tank or, better yet, a bigger one for a larger Lizard. So if you also want to avoid harmful elements such as loose substrate, the beardie can consume it accidentally. After this, to avoid an occurrence of the solid substrate like reptile carpets or ceramic tiles. So if you choose two or more pets in one enclosure house, the beardies get affected. After this, if you keep two pets together, the problem will be that they will fight for resources and food, and it will affect to there one of them for a shorter lifespan. So there are some common mistakes that you need to avoid that are mentioned below.

  • Their terrarium is too small.
  • Many bearded dragon owners underestimate their pets living space. A good rule of thumb is the X3 rule.
  • Their UV lighting is inadequate.
  • Adequate UV radiation lighting is very important to keep your bearded dragon in good health.
  • You are feeding them too much.
  • Monitoring your bearded dragon’s diet is important to maintaining its overall health.
  • If they are too cold. Bearded dragons are cold-blooded reptiles. They thrive in warm temperatures.
  • They don’t have a proper hide box. So having a proper hide box is crucial in making your bearded dragon feel safe and secure.
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The Lizard’s Genetic.

So pet trade and a reputable breeder are available for over 20 pogona vitticeps morphs. After this, while the breeding phase for many animals is unavoidable, breeding bearded dragons is somewhat complicated. So to produce a feasible offspring, the parents must have the required genes to allow the baby beardies many chances. So if you have proper breeding knowledge and you want a special morph so you will get it from the breeder. After this information, it will be easier to forecast your new pet lizard’s average lifespan. So now you will also get to know if the animal is susceptible to disease or it’s not.

The Pet Gender.

So as we all know that female counterparts have less life span than that male bearded dragons. So, more healthy issue is found in the female due to this breeding and bringing forth for the next lizard generation. So as you know, female bearded dragons give eggs. So eggs are unfertile, and you need a male. After this female adult dragon gives an egg, and breeding activates. So, health-wise and physically, shortening the lifespan of the female dragon. So egg binding disease or dystocia is the female beardies common illness.

Bearded Dragon Lifespan.

Bearded Dragon Lifespan.

So the male beardie named Sebastian has the longest recorded lifespan and stays in the United Kingdom. So He was born on June 1st, 1997, and he lived in this world on January 24th, 2016. He lived for whole 18 years and 237 days. So it was unexpected and not an uncommon thing. The good care for the bearded dragon reaches at least 25 years, and he has broken all the previous records till now, and no one has broken it. After this, to reach 15 years old, it needs an attentive owner and good care and good genetics, and good luck dose. So as we know, there are seven species of Bearded dragons, and all of them belong to different places in Australia. So the longest known life expectancy is the subspecies of central subspecies pogona vitticeps. So it is the most common subspecies pet. There are some subspecies that are unknown lifespans, but they have a shorter anticipation based on their smaller size and their wild status.

  •  Where are some subspecies and their lifespan?
  • Central (pogo no vitticeps) 8-15 years.
  • Rankins (pogona henrylawsoni) 6-8 years.
  • Eastern (pogona barbara) 6-8 years.
  • Mitchell’s (pogona minor Mitchell) is unknown.
  • Nullarbor (pogona nullarbar) unknown.
  • Dwarf (pogona minor) unknown.
  • Drysdale river (pogona microlepidota) unknown.
  • Western (ponga minor) 5-8 years.
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Growth Stage.

 So the life of lizards is full of development, including behavioral and some physical changes. The development is fascinating for any keeper to watch and notice the growth stage of the bearded dragon. After hatching, the bearded dragon goes through the five primary life stages. Age, size, and length are the determining stages of growth. Bearded dragons need different husbandry, diet, and housing to stay happy and healthy during each stage of growth. Throughout their lifespan of 15 years, they need proper care through their life stage of growth. The environment impacts the bearded dragon even before coming out into this world. If the mother takes stress, then it’s sure that the offspring will also be unhealthy.

Hatching 0-3 months.

The size of the egg hatch by a bearded dragon is three to four inches in length. So they need a high amount of protein to develop their muscles. So they grow faster in all the stages of their lifespan. They grow two inches in length and ten and fifty grams in weight every month. It sheds most frequently at the time of the Hatching stage. The shed takes place almost weekly.

Juvenile 3-12 months.

In this month, they grow slowly. They are 1.5 inches long they grow per month. The larger size of an enclosure is 75 gallons. So till they reach 12 months, they remain in the Juvenile stage.

Young adult 1-3 years.

After the one-year age, they are concerned as a young adult. In this stage, their growth will button to primarily, and they increase in weight alternatively of length. In this stage, they start eating a significant proportion of green insects. So they also become sexually mature and able to breed.

Adult 3-7 years.

At three to seven years old, the bearded dragon becomes an adult. In this stage, they are at the healthiest point in their lifespan. So their immune system is fully developed, and they have not yet been exposed to their age-related health issues. So at this stage, they do not require many other changes in their housing, care, or diet. So the genetics, quality of care, and diet depend on the lifespan of an adult breaded dragon.

Senior 7+ years.

So the senior is the fifth and final stage of the breaded dragon. To keep healthy as much as possible, they need some additional vitamin supplements or dietary. In this stage, the energy becomes less as they were having in their earlier stage. So as they grow 7+, they show advanced age signs.

So, this is all How Long Do Bearded Dragons Live? Thanks! for reading.

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