Petting an animal is not an easy or difficult task to do. You can only pet an animal if you have experience. If you don’t have any experience, you need to be careful while petting an animal. As we all know, there is a difference between the life span of human beings and the lifespan of animals. And according to the lifespan of animals, that age also depends. If we compare the human age and the animal age, they differ from each other. There is a huge difference between human age and animal age.

And according to that, the maturity level according to the age of humans and animals is different. So we can’t judge any animal according to its age or size. Similar is about the cat. The cat’s age is different from than human’s age. The maturity level or understanding of one old cat is higher than a 7-year-old human child. There might be a question in your mind how old is my cat in human years? So in this article, we will answer the question about comparing cat and human ages. To know in detail about the cat’s age in human years, read the article below;

What Is the Difference Between My Cat’s Age and Human Age? (How Old is my cat)

Cats are similar animals to tigers. And they are the smallest version of the tiger. Calculating the cat’s age according to the human age is impossible. But it is said that if the cat is one year old, it equals the 4-year-old human child. And it is also said that the cat is two years old, equal to a 25-year-old human. So we can’t perfectly say that this is the cat’s age which is equal to the age of humans. When a human is 15 years old, it is considered that the cat is one year old. A one-year-old cat has the maturity level of a 15-year-old human.

So it is very difficult to differentiate between a human year and a cat year. Then it is also said that when a human is 24 years old, a cat is two years old. This means that a two-year-old cat is equal to a 24-year-old human. And also, the maturity of a two-year-old cat is equal to that 24-year-old human. So don’t think that the cat is so small and understands nothing. We go on their size instead of their age. So there is a huge difference between human age and cat age.

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How Can I Find Out How Old Is My Cat?

How old is my cat?

There is a calculation method using which you can find how old my cat is. Even there is a calculator given using which you can find out your cat’s age. A person staying with animals or cats is known as a feline. He is eager to discover the age of the cat he lives with. So we will help you to find out the age of your cat. So we will help you to find out the age of your cat in some ways and methods below;

According to the Average Lifespan of a Cat:-

We all know that there are indoor and outdoor cats. Which means there are petted cats and street cats. Now we will compare these cats’ life expectancy. The study says petted or indoor cats live or have more life spans than outdoor or Street cats. Then it totally depends upon the cat living in the house and the cat living outside the house. Then it is said that indoor cats’ average lifespan is about 18 to 20 years. It may totally vary. Then the life expectancy may also differ due to the different breeds of cats.

And different breeds of cats have different lifespans. And this is what the theory says about cats. They are totally different from each other. So the cat breed you and your friend have may have different life expectancies of cats. Then we will see the example of Manx and Siamese cat breeds. These cats are the longest-living cats. They were also ripe like humans. And this is what their life expectancy is. Then some cats can naturally live longer, so it depends on your cat’s breed.

How Does My Cat Age?

Still, you might have a question in your mind. The question might be, how does my cat age? And how old is my cat? So we will help you regarding your cat’s age as we have seen above that the cat’s age differs according to their breed. So check the breed you have, and you will come to know your cat’s lifespan. Then it is identified that the cats age in their first two years. And then the process slows down after those two years.

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We can identify the age of your cat according to the physical behavior of your cat. And then, the changes that we notice are compared with the human life cycle. And then we get to know the age of our cat. Then this is how we can get the age of our cat.

Need to Know the Cat’s Age in Human Years:-

Every search has a reason behind it. There is various reason why we need to know our cat’s age. Then we are not very well known for their health issues. So we must find out How old is my cat to get to know the health-related issues of our cats. And that is why it is necessary to get your cat’s age. Then there are various life stages in cats’ life cycle also.

We humans also have various life stages. And in those life stages, we face various issues related to health. The same is with our cats. Our cats also have various health issues in various stages of life. So to know these health issues, we need to get the age of our cats. Then knowing your cat’s age, you will prepare yourself for your cat’s health issues according to their age. And that is why we will find out the age of our cats.

How Can I Find Out How Old Is My Cat?

Find my cat's age

There are various signs and symptoms related to their physical examinations. So we will see some physical examinations that will let us know the age of our cats. The next thing you can do is take your cat to the Vet. And he will let you know your cat’s age through physical examinations. So below are the physical examinations using which you can find out the age of your cat;

Using a Cat’s Muscles and Bones:-

  • The muscles and bones of a cat may show you the cat’s age.
  • Sometimes it is hidden behind the appearance of the cat.
  • Then the muscles and bines examinations can find the exact age of the cat.
  • Then go for a muscle and bone examination of your cat.
  • If the cat is jumping, playing, and running, it means the cat is a young age.
  • And if the cat does not like to move, it is aging.
  • And the aging is due to the losing muscle mass.
  • The next symptom is the old cat is bonier.
  • Then the cats with hanging mass are also l won to be older.
  • Now we will see more physical examinations to determine your cat’s age.
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Using the Teeth of a Cat:-

The teeth cannot tell the age of your cat. But somewhat you can get to know the age of your cat. So below are some points using which you can find out how old my cat is;

  • The study says that when a kitten’s first tooth comes, the kitten is two to four weeks old.
  • And this is how you can recognize your cat’s age when it is a kitten.
  • The same as humans, their permanent teeth appear till four months.
  • And this is very fast growth in cats.
  • Then the yellowish teeth of your cat might be a sign that your cat is one or two years old.
  • And if the yellow color is in all teeth, then the cat is four to five years old.
  • Then the missing teeth of a cat say that your cat is about or between 10 to 15 years old.
  • And also, keep in mind that some cats may have worse teeth that may not show their age.

Using the Eyes of Your Cat:-

Eyes are the features using which you can identify your cat’s age. So following are the eye features that will help you to identify the age of your cat;

  • After examining teeth, you need to examine your cat’s eyes.
  • If your cat’s eyes have a smooth iris, then your cat is young.
  • Then the crackly eyes indicate that your cat is senior.
  • Then the cloudiness in your cat’s eyes means that your cat is 12 years old.
  • And this is how you can identify your cat’s age using the eyes.

Using the Coat of Your Cat:-

It is said that the changes in the cat’s coat differ the age. 

So look at your cat’s fur and get your cat’s age.

If the fur is soft, then the cat is young.

And if the fur is thicker and coarser, the cat is senior or old.

And this is how a cat’s fur coat can answer your question: how old is my cat?

Age Chart of Cats According to Human Age:-

Cats according to human age

Below is the age chart that is according to the human age;

Cat age   Human age
One year old. 7 years old
Two years old.15 years old
Three years old.28 years old
Four years old.32 years old
Five years old.36 years old
Six years old.40 years old
Seven years old.44 years old
Eight years old.48 years old
Nine years old.52 years old
Ten years old.56 years old

This is how to calculate the cat age with the human age. The four years of human age differ as the cat becomes one year old. That’s it. In this way, you can identify the age of your cat. And using the chart, you can go accordingly with the chart. As your cat becomes 15 years old, the human qualities it develops of 76 years old human. So never underestimate a cat that is small in size. Always check the age of your cat and your age. They are more mature and understanding according to their age and size. That’s it.

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