We are in a world where God has created beautiful living beings. There are different types of living beings present on the earth. Some creatures live on land, and some live in water. Then some live both on land and water. And from these living beings, you can let some of these living beings and keep them with us. From ancient ages, there are some animals that we have kept with us. And these animals were kept for their safety and needs.

We used to pet dogs, cows, sheep, hens, etc. These are the animals that were always with humans in the ancient ages. Of those animals, one animal was so friendly with humans. And that animal is the dog. There are various breeds present in dogs. And these breeds are from various countries. Dogs are petted for various purposes. The main purpose is for protection. Dogs are very protective and loyal to humans.

They protect our house and family. And we have to feed them and love them. In this article, we will know about such breeds of dogs. So we will see about the breed Cane Corso. This breed of dog is also very rare and mostly petted by humans. Now we will see more details about the breed Cane Corso. To know more detail about it, read the article below;

The Cane Corso’s (Cane Carso Puppies) History

Cane Carso puppies

In the era of wars see, dog breeds were also included. So from that, Cane Corso is one of the breeds used in wars. They were used to find out hidden things or any hidden proof. Even these dogs were included in the wars. So Cane Corso is one of them. Talking about the history of Cane Corso it originated in Italy. Italy is where you will mostly find Cane Corso breed dogs. Even with Cane Corso, the other breed of Neapolitan Mastiff was also included in the war. And they are both included in the Roman war and called Roman war dogs.

History of Cane Corso:

But the Roman war got vanished after some time. And after that, these breeds worked with farmers. Then they protected and worked as a folk guardian. Then the Cane Corso was also seen as a hunting dog and a family guardian dog. According to the history of world war 1 and world war 2, the Cane Corso became rare and almost extinct. And even the development of industries and buildings is responsible for the extinction of Cane Corso. After years, some people noticed that the Cane Corso breed was about to become extinct.

So they captured some breeds of Cane Corso. And then they started breeding and petting them. And all this took place from the 1970s to the 1990s era. Then, in the 90s era, the breed was under Federation Cynologique Internationale. Then other countries like the United States of America also started breeding Cane Corso. They brought them into their country and started breeding them in the 2000s. And this is all about the history of Cane Corso.

Cane Corso Personality and Temperament

Now we will see the whole detailed specifications of Cane Corso. Then we will also look at his height, weight, physics, etc., at this point. So read the specifications below about Cane Corso;

  • Cane Corso is the Roman war dog breed.
  • His birthplace is Italy.
  • Lately, he was also preceded in the United States of America.
  • His weight is between 90 to 110 pounds and 40 to 50 kg.
  • Then his height is between 23 and 28 inches and 58 to 71 cm.
  • Then he is known for his muscular features of the body.
  • He is also with his stocky physics like his head is wide and very large.
  • Then he comes in various colors of coats like gray, black, fawn, red, etc.
  • Then his lifespan is about 9 to 12 years.
  • His name was recognized from the name that is Bodyguard Dog.
  • And he is also known for his loyalty and activeness.
  • Then he is also known as a protective dog.
  • So these are all the details specifications about Cane Corso.
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What are the characteristics of Cane Corso?

Cane Corso Personality

This species is the Roman war dog breed that protects your family and guards the farms. Then the Cane Corso breed of dog, also known as a farmhand for farming. So there are the characteristics of this species. The following are the characteristics of the Cane Corso breed;

  • He is less as well as more affectionate to the humans.
  • Then he has less adaptability according to the surrounding.
  • Then he is also known as a territorial animal.
  • And it is very easy and not so easy to train the Cane Corso breed.
  • He is also known for his child-friendly nature.
  • And there are very less chances that this breed is a cat-friendly breed.
  • Then talking about the barking tendencies, this dog rates 4 out of 10 for barking tendencies.
  • Then it really happens that this breed is seen as a dog-friendly breed.
  • Due to its less hairy coat, its shading level is very low.
  • Then it is also not good for strangers or cannot be said to a stranger-friendly dog.
  • Then we can make great his energy level 6 out of 10.
  • And he is not at all good at grooming.
  • Then regarding his health issues, he requires some exercise.
  • Then social needs are also very high.
  • And the best part of this dog is that he is good at watchdog instincts.
  • Even this breed has some more health issues as compared to other breeds.
  • So these are all the characteristics of the Cane Corso breed.
  • That’s it.

Brief Characterization of Cane Corso:

The total history of this dog breed and the presence of the dog is totally different. Previously these dogs were for the sake of hunting wild boar. And presently, this breed is working as a guardian and a farm hand. So history and the present are totally different from each other. The dog is not at all cat-friendly or stranger-friendly dog. So the strangers and the small animals should be aware of Cane Corso. He is also known as an Italian mastiff. Other Italian mastiff breeds are also available. But this mastiff breed is good in athletic and agile than other breeds.

Previously these dogs were made for hunting purpose and guarding purposes. And these dogs were known as the most powerful dogs in the wars. It is very hard to breed this dog for beginners or inexperienced people. So inexperienced owners must avoid petting this dog breed.

And due to his massive body weight and head, the breed looks very dangerous. Sony experienced owners can only lead the Cane Corso breed. Don’t show your cruelty or force the dog while training.

What are the Different Facts about Cane Corso?

Facts about Cane Corso

As we have seen the characteristics of Cane Corso now, we will get to know about the facts of this breed. So following are some facts about the Cane Corso breed;

  • The dog is not so owner friendly dog.
  • Please do not force the dog while training him.
  • In world war 2, the Cane Corso was an almost extinct breed.
  • To train Cane Corso like an intelligent dog, the owner or trainer also should be intelligent.
  • The trainer should be equally smart as the dog in training him.
  • He also has some health issues.
  • The breed sheds but very less due to the less hair coat on his body.
  • You must be wise and smart to handle the Cane Corso dog breed.
  • He may be bad with other dogs, strangers, and small animals.
  • So this is all about the specific facts about Cane Corso.

What to know about the temperament and personality of Cane Corso?

We need to know about the temperament and personality of Cane Corso. By this, you will be able to know more about this breed. So to know more detail about Cane Corso’s temperament and personality, read the point detail below;

  • Firstly talking about the personality of this period, he is very strong and personality.
  • Nextly he is the protector of nature.
  • His temperament is also known as guardian and warrior temperament.
  • The owners may feel very hard or difficult to treat him according to his nature.
  • Every breeder’s nature is totally different in the Cane Corso breed.
  • If this breed is provoked, then his personality is very fearsome.
  • His nature is not very friendly towards strangers and other dogs or cats.
  • Then you can train this dog carefully and make him protective and a guardian.
  • Cane Corso is unlike other breeds you can treat as a toy.
  • Children cannot play with Cane corso breed like a toy.
  • Then talking about his energy level, which is not so high or so low.
  • Then you will need some time to know the Cane Corso breed.
  • If you want no mess up, you must train the cane corso puppy when you bring him home.
  • Then you need to treat this dog according to his nature. You can’t force him to move from one place to another by snapping.
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Personality of Cane Corso:

  • So go according to his nature and temperament.
  • Then before petting can, also you need to talk with an experienced cane corso breeder.
  • You also need to regularly vaccinate the puppy, which includes parvovirus, rabies, and distemper.
  • And do not go closer to his food and toys so he will not lose his temperament.
  • So avoid going near his things like toys and food.
  • Then try to understand his temperament and mindset of cane corso.
  • Then while selecting the puppy of gain, also you need to be very specific about what you actually want in the dog.
  • So his personality is very dashing and strong enough to guard and protect your family and home.
  • And this is all about the temperament and personality of cane corso.

What are the health-related issues of Cane Corso?

You may also come to know about the health-related issues of the Cane Corso breed. This breed may also face some health-related issues. So you need to take care of this breed while petting it. So following is the information that you need to know about the health of Cane Corso;

  • Cane Corso is a strong and healthy breed in all other breeds.
  • But still, it may face some health-related issues.
  • According to genetics, this breed also has health-related problems like other breeds.
  • So there are some health-related problems of cane corso.
  • This breed may have hip dysplasia.
  • Then he may also face some eye problems, which are entropion ectropion.
  • Then he may also face some gastric torsion, known as a blot in dogs.
  • And lastly, it may have a demodectic management health issue.
  • So while purchasing the breed, you need to check the history of this breed.
  • You need to take your dog to an orthopedic foundation for animals.
  • This orthopedic foundation for animals will evaluate your breed for hip dysplasia.
  • Then you can also take your breed to the Canine eye registry foundation to check his eyes.
  • So these are the foundations where you can evaluate your cane corso breed puppy.
  • The next issue it may have is related to weight, that is obesity.
  • Keeping your Cane Corso breed without any exercise may also lead to health issues.
  • So daily exercise for him is the better option to keep him from obesity.
  • And these are all the health-related issues of cane corso.
  • That’s it.

What is to consider while Cane Corso is grooming?

It is very easy to groom the Cane Corso breed. He has a short coat of hair, so grooming is very easy. So brushing him regularly may create less Shedding of hair. But it might be difficult due to his big size. You can brush his body using a brush that is once a week. Then you can also use various products and conditioners to polish his coat or hair. Then you can also bathe him twice a month or once a week using his special shampoo.

You need to take care of his nails every week. Then you can also brush his teeth regularly with a soft toothbrush or toothpaste, specifically for dogs. But you need to make him habitual to grooming since he is a puppy. And it will not be difficult for you to groom him when he grows up. So these are the simple ways using which you can groom Cane Corso. And these are the things that you need to consider while grooming cane corso.

Things to consider while selecting a Cane Corso breeder:-

Before selecting a cane corso breeder, you must go through some things you need to consider. So we are here to help and find a good cane corso breeder for you. The following are the things that you need to consider while selecting or choosing a cane corso breeder;

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A good Cane Corso breeder must have the following:

  • It is very important to find a breeder of Cane Corso puppies.
  • You need to consider something while selecting the breeder of a cane corso puppy.
  • A good breeder of cane corso will allow you to select the good and best dog for you.
  • Without any hesitation, he will do all the certificates you require during the health checkup of the dog.
  • Then a good breeder will let you select a healthy dog.
  • Then he will regularly screen the puppies and make certifications about their health.
  • The good breeder should find a good home for his puppies instead of making money.
  • Then he should be a good caretaker of his puppies.
  • Then the breeder must make you aware of the friendliness of the puppy.
  • Always remember that a good breeder of cane corso will tell you about the health clearance and temperament of the dog.
  • Then he will never avoid your questions about the puppy’s health and temperament.
  • Then he will explain the caring and looking-after tips for puppies.
  • And he will also let you know about the genetic history of the breed.
  • And he will also discuss health-related issues with you while getting the puppy.
  • If you want to adopt or purchase a breed of cane corso, you can visit the website Cane Corso Association of America.
  • You are on this website and can find and select a good breeder of Cane Corso.
  • And this website will also help you to find a healthy puppy.
  • Then the CCAA association website always calls the breeder to check the health issues and get help clearance.

How do you adopt or rescue the Cane Corso breed from a rescue shelter?

Cane Corso Grooming

It is very simple to adopt the breed from a rescue shelter. We will help you to adopt or rescue the Cane corso breed from the rescue shelter. So following are the ways using which you can adopt the breed from a rescue shelter;

  • First, you can visit the adoption websites to adopt the breed Cane Corso.
  • Some websites from where you can adopt the breed are petfinder.com and adopt-a-pet.com.
  • Then using these websites, you can search for cane corso breeds in your area.
  • Then the website animalshelter.org will also help you to find rescue dogs.
  • Some rescue teams work on this to get you a puppy or a dog.
  • Then secondly, you can find the breed on social media.
  • You can enter the breed’s name and search for it on social media like Facebook and Instagram.
  • And on social media, you will find the people or the breeder who has that breed.
  • So this is another way and easy way to find adoption for cane corso.
  • The next option is to search for the breed in your local area.
  • For that, you can talk with the experts in your local areas.
  • Then they will help you to find the breed on the Cane Corso Association of America.
  • The next option is that you can directly talk with the breed rescuers.
  • Then The breed rescuers will help you find Cane Corso for you.
  • So in this way, you can adopt or rescue a cane corso breed.

Things you need to consider while adopting Cane Corso:-

Before adopting a breed of cane corso, you need to consider some things. So below are the questions that you need to consider while adopting Cane Corso;

  • First of all, asked about the energy level of cane corso.
  • Then ask about the age of cane corso.
  • Then ask about his nature when he is around other animals.
  • After that, ask whether he is good at training or not.
  • Then ask his response to other shelter workers and visitors or children.
  • Then ask about his personality.
  • After that, ask whether he is being hurt or bitten by anyone.
  • Then finally, ask about his health issues.
  • So this is what you can ask the breeder while adopting a Cane Corso.
  • That’s it.

Which is the best dog food for Cane Corso?

A portion of good food also keeps your dog healthy and away from health issues. Some food items are poisonous, and some are boons for dogs. It is up to you to feed a dog healthy nutritional food. So following are the food supplements that are good for cane corso and available in the market;

  • Purina Pro Plan specializes in large breed formulas, the best option for adult or puppy cane corso.
  • Then the Purina Pro plan specialized giant breed formula is for the giant or adult breeds of cane corso.
  • Then next is Purina, one smart-blend large breed adult formula which is better for an adult breed.
  • Beneful healthy puppy food for puppies of cane corso.
  • Then the Purina puppy Chow which is also for the puppies.
  • Then the Purina one smart-blend for healthy puppies.
  • And Purina Pro plan FOCUS large breed puppy is also a good option to feed a cane corso breed.
  • So these supplements are available in the market for the Cane Corso breed.
  • Then some foods are not good for cane corso.
  • These foods are grapes and resins.
  • Then you should avoid feeding corn, garlic, and onions. 
  • And also, avoid feeding chocolates and ice creams.

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